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Welcome to the official website of Dr. Michael Jude Loquasto, ND, PHD, DC, known as "Dr. Mike," to his patients. Dr. Mike is now conveniently located in the Lehigh Valley Professional Center, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and celebrating 50 years of healing!

Dr. Mike has specialized in Natural Medicine for 50 years. Dr. Loquasto holds doctorates in Naturopathy, Nutrition and Chiropractic Internal Medicine. He is also a Master Herbalist as well as a certified Clinical and Dietitian Nutritionist.

Dr. Michael Loquasto--50 Years of Healing!


Dr. Michael Jude Loquasto

Dr. Michael Loquasto, known as “Dr. Mike” to his patients, discovered the power of chiropractic as a teenager. After coming down with a severe case of strep throat when he was 17, Loquasto was having trouble breathing. His father, a salesman who made regular visits to a chiropractor, encouraged his son to seek chiropractic care. The moment he walked into the doctor’s office, his life would change.

“I walked in and saw a high school classmate who had polio and was the poster girl for March of Dimes. Normally she wore braces on her legs,” recalls Loquasto. “She had no braces and she was walking with a cane. I was completely stunned." Though he was planning to go to school and become a medical doctor, what he witnessed changed his mind. “I thought that if a chiropractor could do that, then that’s what I wanted to do.”

He attended Elizabethtown College, in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, and Blackhawk College, in Illinois before graduating from Iowa’s Palmer College of Chiropractic with a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC). While earning his DC, he embraced the chiropractic philosophy that the body is a self‐healing and self-regulating organism, and with proper nerve flow, the body could function as it meant to function—without drugs.

In 1962, he began his career as a hands‐on chiropractor, and says he always considered himself a holistic doctor. In the 1980s, he noticed that people weren’t responding as well to treatment, and he blamed poor nutrition. Committed to helping those patients get results and live a healthier life, Loquasto began studying nutrition and in 1986, he obtained a Doctor of Philosophy in Nutrition. But, he didn’t stop there. He went on to earn doctorates in naturopathy and chiropractic internal medicine, and earned his designation as a master herbalist and a certified clinical and dietitian nutritionist.

“My goal has always been to help patients restore and maintain a healthy lifestyle,” he notes. “I found that sometimes a patient needed more than just manipulation, and I wanted to have the ability to provide them with everything they needed for optimal wellness.”


Master Herbalist

Over the years, he has not only been in private practice, but was also chief of staff at his own Clinic, the Healthplex Medical Center, a holistic clinic that offered chiropractic, internal medicine, a family practitioner, physical therapy, rehabilitation and nutrition, and has served as an expert witness for local, state and federal court hearings and workers compensation hearings. The Healthplex included a healthfood restaurant which Loquasto also owned.

He was also the first Doctor of Nutrition to formulate an oral chelation and to package vitamins in a single dose plastic packet in the world. “My mother had arthritis in her hands, so opening multiple bottles of vitamins was difficult for her, “ explains Loquasto. “I designed a single dose plastic packet that made it easy to access multiple vitamins.”


Naturally Rite Customized
Formulations by Dr. Loquasto

Today, he combines his extensive knowledge of naturopathy, nutrition, and his own customized herbal formulations along with chiropractic internal medicine to help patients of all ages throughout the Lehigh Valley and beyond. He has an extensive product line of natural supplements, and even offers custom formulations for specific conditions and non‐invasive chelation therapy.

Diagnostic services are available including live cell microscope, circulation testing, EKG, pulmonary lung testing, bone density, x‐ray, scanning for foot and ankle problems, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels and blood testing for diabetes and other health issues.

He treats each patient as an individual and as such, they are assessed for their specific needs and personalized therapies through a total physical, neurological and orthopedic exam. “Everything is patient specific—from nutrition to gentle manipulation,” he explains. “What works for one person may not work for another, so we adapt individualized programs.”

As dedicated as he is to helping, he is just as committed to educating the public. The third Thursday of each month, he hosts a casual Question and Answer forum at this clinic. The topics are up to those who attend, and Loquasto will answer each question. “People want answers, but they aren’t always comfortable going to their doctor,” he explains. “I want to provide a place that people can feel comfortable and find the information they seek.”

For 50 years, Loquasto has been devoted to helping patients increase their health potential and enhance their overall quality of life—and he is still going strong. “My passion has always been to help people and that’s what keeps me going.”

Contact us today for an appointment at 908-310-4252 or email us at glml@comcast.net


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